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Jack and Ellie

Hi we are Ellie and Jack

Welcome to Twisted Trailers Mobile Bar Hire!

In 2018, Ellie’s vision for a new venture led her to transform a neglected horsebox into a chic mobile bar, marking the inception of Twisted Trailers. The dream materialized through dedicated craftsmanship, turning the idea into a delightful reality.

The same year, Ellie’s path crossed with Jack, whose extensive hospitality experience complemented her entrepreneurial spirit, forging a dynamic duo.

From the humble beginnings of our inaugural bar, our enterprise has flourished. Today, we proudly offer a fleet of four unique mobile bars for your events.

Our pair of Vintage Horsebox Bars are the epitome of elegance for any festivity.

Our rustic pop-up bar promises to elevate your celebration, be it in a quaint village hall, under the grandeur of a tipi or marquee, or amidst the tranquillity of a private garden. It stands as a versatile centrepiece, ready to serve under the open sky or sheltered by our gazebo.

For those cherished gatherings, our mini pop-up bar is the quintessential choice. Tailored for cozy cocktail parties, it’s the ideal addition to your private garden or home, ensuring an ambiance of exclusivity and enjoyment.

Embark on a journey of exquisite taste and unforgettable moments with Twisted Trailers Mobile Bar Hire.

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